Review of SimplyBlu eCommerce Platform from Standard Bank 3 min Read or 19 min video

Last week Standard Bank accounced their new eCommerce platform called SimplyBlu. As this annoucement caught the attention of the eCommerce community we set off on a mission to find out more about it.

In this article we review our pros and cons of the platform, the fee structure and give you some more links for further reading.

You can also watch our video review for a deep dive into SimplyBlu and whether we would recommend that you use it for your eCom website.

Here’s the pros and cons of SimplyBlu:


  • Pricing includes a lot of services (website platform, invoicing, payment gateway & hosting).
  • Quick pay outs! An order received before 10pm will be paid into your Standard Bank account by 4am the next day. 
  • Low payment processing fees at just 2.6%.  
  • Recurring payment functionality comes standard. 


  • Only payment options are credit card or Masterpass (no option for EFT, Mobicred, Bitcoin, Scode, etc) 
  • There are no integrations to SA eCom service providers 
  • There isn’t a library of plug ins or apps to give the site extra functionality. 
  • No SSL security (this is a biggy!) 

So how much will you pay for SimplyBlu? 

Sandard Bank charges a once off set up fee of R500 + VAT then you’ll pay R575 + VAT each month plus a transaction processing fee of 2.6%. 

Watch the video below for a more detailed review of SimplyBlue. 


Further reading: 

We’re sure that Standard Bank will continually improve the platform and we expect that many of the “cons” listed above will be addressed soon. 

Will you use it? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

Warrick Kernes

Warrick Kernes

eCommerce Expert

Recognised as one of South Africa’s leading experts in eCommerce Warrick Kernes has started multiple online stores with some reaching consistent sales of over R1m per month. Warrick is the founder and CEO of the Insaka eCommerce Academy and is dedicated to growing SA’s eCommerce industry and helping entrepreneurs to start and grow their own successful online stores. 

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