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Our vision is to help South African entrepreneurs to start & grow online businesses through sharing our knowledge and experience to help you achieve success faster. 

Free eBook - Learn How to Source Winning Products

Written by SA’s eCommerce Expert Warrick Kernes – Read his essential tips to finding the best products to sell online in SA

The word “Insaka” is an African word for an open sided thatch located in the center of a village where wise community leaders come together to discuss business.

The Insaka eCommerce Academy is a place of learning and a place of collaboration where South African online entrepreneurs come to learn more about selling online & to join the Insaka Community where the members work together to help one another achieve success online.

Wide selection of Courses

Everything you need to know to launch and / or grow your online store. All in one place.  South African solutions for eCommerce challenges coming from online business owners who have built successful eCommerce stores themselves.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”  Nelson Mandela 

Insaka eCommerce Academy

Business Idea Validation

So you’ve got a online business idea… but will it work? This course will guide you to the right decision.

Insaka eCommerce Academy

Drop Shipping in SA

A massive trend internationally but it just doesn’t work in SA… Unless you know how.

Insaka eCommerce Academy

Sell More on

How to sell on the Takealot  Seller Solutions Portal. Tips and guidelines to get it right with this course.

Insaka eCommerce Academy

SEO for Beginners

Bring more free traffic to your website by getting the basics of SEO right from the beginning.

Insaka eCommerce Academy

Start your online store: a step-by-step guide

The most popular course for starting out from scratch.

Insaka eCommerce Academy

Managing Deliveries

Delivery to your customer is make or break for your customer service. We’ll show you how to do it right (and how to save money)

Insaka eCommerce Academy

How to Import

Learn how to import products into SA 

Insaka eCommerce Academy

Winning on Black Friday

It’s the biggest sales day of the year. Let’s make the most of it!

Insaka eCommerce Academy

Adwords Tips & Tricks

What you need to know about Adwords… And why it’s never worked for me.

Insaka online courses

Join us at eCom Events Around SA…

There are a growing number of eCommerce conferences, expos, masterminds, webinars and meet-ups happening around South Africa and you’ll most likely find Insaka on stage giving a talk.

Insaka eCommerce Academy

Free eCommerce Toolbox

Download our Free eCommerce Toolbox which includes loads of valuable links, tools and tips for making your eCommerce life much easier.
Insaka eCommerce Academy

Premium Courses

Buy individual courses or subsribe to all the courses on an ongoing basis. Subscribers also gain automatic access to the value of the Insaka Community.

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