Shopify CONNECT eCommerce Summit [FLASH SALE] SAVE 17% [Limited Time Only]

With 6 weeks left before the Connect eCommerce Summit our followers have been offered a 17% discount off ticket prices if you buy your tickets before midnight this Friday (June 7th). 

The Connect eCommerce Summit is happening on July 16th in Johannesburg and July 18th in Cape Town. This event is seen by many SA eCommerce leaders as being the most beneficial event on the calendar for eCom entrepreneurs who are starting out and for those who would like to grow their sales and expand their business. The agenda includes speakers from Canada, Europe and South Africa. 

Book your ticket now to get the limited-time 17% discounted price. Normally R280, now R230 when using the coupon code “WKU406”

How to claim your discount:

  • Click the link above
  • Click “Buy Jo’burg Tickets” or “Buy Cape Town Tickets”
  • Look above the “Order Now” button & click on “Use Promotion Code” 
  • Insert Insaka’s promo code: “WKU406” and click apply
  • Click “Order Now” and complete payment 

Note: This discount coupon code is only valid from June 4th to June 7th 2019. 

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