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International trends can often take a few months to show up in the South African market and it seems to be the same with Click and Collect. If you walk any high street in Europe or the malls of the US you’ll see almost every shop window advertising that they offer Click and Collect.

Amazon has over 13,000 collection points just inside the UK and over 37% of shoppers in the UK are selecting Click and Collect as their preferred delivery option.


Because it’s a WIN – WIN – WIN situation for the customer, the retailer and the pick up point. Let’s see why:

Why Click and Collect is a WIN for the customer?

  • They don’t have to wait around for deliveries
  • The can collect at their convenience
  • If the product or size is wrong they can return it on the spot (if at a retailer)
  • They can still get online deals and discounts
  • If in a retailer you can speak to a sales rep for advice

Why Click and Collect is a WIN for the e-tailer

  • You help customers which don’t have a reliable delivery address
  • You don’t have the potential cost of multiple delivery attempts
  • Customers from the informal sector can buy off your site confidently
  • Very remote customers often prefer to pick it up at at their closest town

Why Click and Collect is a WIN for the pick up point

  • Higher foot fall which increases sales
  • They get a handling fee for each parcel

Photos from the stores on Regent Street in London

How established is Click and Collect in South Africa? 

We’re already seeing Click and Collect lockers being set up at Engen garages by DSV and at Sasol garages by Makro. Postnet has been promoting their Postnet-to-Postnet service as a Click and Collect option.

We’ve seen some big SA retailers promoting that customers shop on their websites and then collect at their closest stores. Some of the early adopters include Checkers, Woolies, CTM, Edgars and Clicks. 

The award winning start-up Zande is making good progress to set up Spaza shops in townships as as pick up points.  

But the one South African company to have already established a great Click and Collect ecosystem is Pargo. 

Pargo have over 2,200 collection points already set up and have partners with multiple eCommerce sellers so that they can offer Click and Collect to their customers. Customers can shop on any Pargo partner website and then select to pick up the order from the location most convenient to them. This could be their local Caltex, Spar, Clicks, Lewis or even the convenience store on the corner.

This is fast becoming a preferred shipping option for a lot of customers shopping online in South Africa so if you’re selling online then you should seriously consider offering Click and Collect on your site. You never know how many customers are leaving your checkout because you’re not offering Click and Collect.


Do you want to learn more? 

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Warrick Kernes

Warrick Kernes

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