Amazon Announces Opening in South Africa! 2 minute read (Posted 1/04/19) 

The recent opening and expansion of the Amazon offices in Cape Town stirred up many rumors as to whether the international retail giant would be opening up in South Africa. Each time they were asked for a comment the response was the same; that their lush Cape Town office was just a support center for their international teams. 



This post was published on the 1st of April

and is indeed an April Fools Joke


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But today Amazon have rocked the African eCommerce industry by officially announcing that next month Amazon South Africa will be opening. In an statement today Amazon’s head of EMEA expansion A. Phoolz said: 

 “We are excited to gain access to Southern Africa and Africa via our newly established base in Cape Town, South Africa. We aim to use our experience in established markets to rapidly expand the access of online shopping to the mass markets of Africa. This is one of the most exciting expansions we’ve taken on in recent times. 

The impact of Amazon’s launch into South Africa is yet to be determined for both the big established players as well as the smaller niche SMME businesses but we are excited by this news which is sure to revolutionize South African eCommerce. 

To hear updates about Amazon’s SA launch be sure to join South African’s Biggest eCommerce Community on Facebook by clicking the button below. As we get more updates we’ll post this in this community. 

Warrick Kernes

Warrick Kernes

eCommerce Expert

Recognised as one of South Africa’s leading experts in eCommerce Warrick Kernes has started multiple online stores with some reaching consistent sales of over R1m per month. Warrick is the founder and CEO of the Insaka eCommerce Academy and is dedicated to growing SA’s eCommerce industry and helping entrepreneurs to start and grow their own successful online stores. 

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