How to Drop Ship in SA

To know how to drop ship in South Africa we first need a clear understanding of what drop shipping is. The process of drop shipping is to sell inventory, which is owned by your supplier, and to have the supplier deliver directly to your customer. 

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Graphic: Dropship Business Model [Oberlo]

The drop shipping business model is one which attracts many entrepreneurs because from the outside it looks easy to run and needs little capital to get started. If that’s your assumption then we’re afraid that we’ve got bad news for you. All businesses have their own complexities which you’ll need to manage. Also setting up a drop shipping company certainly requires some financial investment to get up and running. With that said however, a drop ship business is cheaper to get operational than other online retail businesses as you don’t need to invest your capital into buying stock up front and you also save on warehousing and inventory insurance.

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)(If you’ve been reading about how to drop ship then you might have been on some international websites reading how easy it is for them but when it comes to South Africa you can forget most of what you read. The reason SA is so different when it comes to drop shipping is because finding drop ship suppliers in SA is going to be your major challenge. (Register above to get updates about new suppliers!) Unlike their international counterparts, a lot of South African importers and distributors are yet to see the value of enabling drop shippers to access their stock, plus their afraid of having no control of the pricing (thanks to the government’s price control laws). This all means that for you to set up a drop shipping business in South Africa it is not as easy as you were hoping it would be.

But thankfully it’s not all bad news as we do have a proven model and method of how to successfully set up a profitable drop shipping business in SA. We’ve done it ourselves and we can explain to you exactly what you need to do in order to set up your own drop ship website and business. Watch this video below for more info and then click this link for the online course on how to drop ship in South Africa 

(FYI, when joining this course you get instant access to the comprehensive list of suppliers in South Africa who are looking for drop shipper partners in SA.)

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