eCommerce Secrets – Free eBook  22 pages

Warrick Kernes built his South African online business from zero sales to over R1 million month on month. Through his 12 years of online selling experience he’s learnt how to build a successful online store and he’s now captured these lessons into his eBook called eCommerce Secrets and you can now get it for free. 

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Chapter 1 : How to Find a Winning Product

The criteria which you can use to judge whether a product will be a good product to sell online in SA. Tips on how to find winning products. List of trending products which are hot now. Does drop shipping work in SA? 

Chapter 2 : Choosing the Right Website Platform

Which CMS platforms should you consider? Detailed Pros and Cons of the main options. 

Chapter 3 : How to Manage Your Stock & Deliveries

Which couriers should you consider using in SA? How to deliver to major cities at affordable costs? How to get the best prices on deliveries to outlying areas? Should you offer free delivery to customers? Can you save money by outsourcing your warehousing? 

Chapter 4 : How to get your First Sales

How to get traffic to your website. Tips to get your first sales without having to spend a large marketing budget.  

Chapter 5 : How to Grow Your Online Sales

How to increase your website traffic. How to increase your conversion rate. How to increase your average order value. Using marketplaces to grow your sales. 

Warrick Kernes


Recognised as one of South Africa’s leading experts in eCommerce Warrick Kernes has started multiple online stores with some reaching consistent sales of over R1m per month. Warrick is the founder and CEO of the Insaka eCommerce Academy and is dedicated to growing SA’s eCommerce industry and helping entrepreneurs to start and grow their own successful online stores. 

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