How to Sell on Amazon from South Africa

Do you want to start selling your products on the world’s largest eCommerce website? Currently it is not possible to register an Amazon account from South Africa but we have a way to help you get your products listed and selling on Amazon. Read more to find out how… 



If you want to list and sell your products on the Amazon website then you have come to the right place.

Insaka eCommerce Academy partners with SA’s Amazon Experts who already have a sales channel established on Amazon. They will assess the potential sales for your product and if they believe it will sell then they will engage with you to list and sell the product on your behalf. Their sales channel is very successful and if your product doesn’t sell as they predict then they will pay you for the stock!

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*Insaka will share your details with the Amazon Experts but we won’t share it with anyone else as we value your privacy. 

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