The Insaka eCommerce Community

is arguably the most valuable offering from Insaka. This is a FREE private Facebook group especially for South African online store managers and eCom owners to help one another swap expertise, avoid pitfalls and to grow sales. 

Do any of these frustrations sound familiar to you? 

          * I need a contact at customs actually able to help! 

          * How do we find the right staff?????

          * Which payment gateway to use and how to get it set up? 

          * What to do if the courier damaged my customers parcel? 

          * What’s the best way to launch Instagram selling without wasting money? 

          * ….. it goes on and on….. 

Well the good news is that you’re no longer alone! 

Apply here to join the eCommerce Community; ask your questions, air your frustrations and get answers! Of course, this is a two way street so you’ve got to add value by answering other community members questions if you are able to. The goal is to improve eCommerce as a whole in SA and to grow everyone’s sales through sharing our knowledge and expertise wherever possible. 

Some more good news is that there are some incredibly experienced eCom business owners who are a part of the community and generously offer their advice and wisdom. 

We operate in the true sense of abuntu… “I am because we are” 

Apply today to join the Community! Complete the form to apply now!

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