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You know how to drive a car, right? But you don’t necessarily need to know who to fix a the engines carburetor. I’m sure you agree that your priority is knowing how to drive the car safely but you also know what warning signs and weird sounds warrant more attention. But your time is not best spent learning how to fix each part of the car, that’s when you’d outsource the job to a mechanic. Right? Right!

As a business owner your approach ought to be the same for your management of your company’s various departments. Even if you’re a qualified CA you’ll be better off hiring a bookkeeper to do the laborious work than doing it yourself and having little time for the rest of the business. Your job is to monitor the results and manage the strategies. The same can be said for digital marketing.

In this course we’ll teach you about each aspect of digital marketing, how to fit it into your overall digital marketing strategy and what key criteria you need to be measuring, monitoring and fine tuning. The lessons taught in this course will give you the confidence to sit with your in-house or outsourced marketers to help create the strategy and you’ll know that you’re on top if it as get reports on the ratios and criteria which you know to keep an eye on.

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