eCommerce Courses in South Africa

Learn how to sell online in South Africa by enrolling into our selection of eLearning courses presented by SA’s eCommerce Expert Warrick Kernes

Your Online Store

Our flagship course is a step-by-step, nothing-left-out video series to take you by the hand through the process of conceptualizing, starting, building, launching, marketing, growing and scaling your own eCommerce store.

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Learn Google Adwords

Pay per click advertising is a sure way to grow traffic to your website and should form part of any online store’s ongoing short-term strategy. Learn the basics of mastering Google Adwords advertising in this course and start growing your traffic today.

R597 (Enrollment Open) 

Conversion Rate Optimisation Masterclass

Getting enough traffic to your eCommerce store is one challenge. The other side of the success equation is optimising the conversion rate of your website to get as much of your traffic to convert to sales. In this thorough course, you will learn about the most important aspects of optimising your website for conversion. Apply what you learn here and your sales figures are sure to grow.

R1,797 (Enrollment Open) 

Sell a Lot on Takealot

Learn how to sell on the Takealot Seller Portal. Get our tips and guidelines on how to get set up and how to grow your Takealot sales with this free mini-course.

FREE (Enrollement Open)

How to Import Products into SA

Don’t let the perceived complexity of importing & customs slow down your online business. Find out everything you need to know about importing in this free mini-course. 

FREE (Enrollment Open)

Winning on Black Friday

It’s the biggest sales day of the year. Let’s make the most of it!

FREE (Join the Waiting List) 

eCommerce Next Level Mastermind

Take your online store to the Next Level by joining SA’s only eCommerce Mastermind. Connect with other online sellers and gain instant access to over R30k worth of training from SA’s top experts. 

Enrollment fee: R497

Enrollment Closed (Click here to join the waiting list to be notified of the next opening)

SEO & Content Strategy Masterclass

SEO is the most important and most powerful digital marketing strategy you need to leverage for increased traffic and conversion. Getting traffic from SEO efforts costs very little in monetary terms and thus is a low-budget long-term strategy that is crucial for sustained business. Getting it right needs some special attention though. This course will take you through the process and get you up to speed real quick.

R1,497 (Enrollment Open) 

Facebook & Instagram Ads Masterclass

Making sales in eCommerce is a numbers game. The first step of the equation is getting as much traffic to your store as possible. The short-term strategy for optimising traffic flow is using paid advertising platforms like Facebook and Instagram ads. In this masterclass you’ll learn how to optimally create audiences and build ads that convert.

R1,750 (Enrollment Open) 

Business Idea Validation

So you’ve got a idea for an online business… but will it work? This course will guide you to the right decision.

FREE (Enrollment Open)

Drop Shipping in SA

Drop Shipping is a massive trend internationally but it just doesn’t work in SA… Unless you know how…

R3,999 (Enrollment Open) 

Managing Inventory and Couriers

Acurate delivery to your customer is what makes or breaks your customer service. We’ll show you how to do it right in SA and how to save money. 

Price TBA (Join the Waiting List) 

Digital Marketing Course

Do you want to learn about Google Adwords, Facebook ads other higher ROI digital marketing activities. Do you want to learn how to use these tools to deliver big return for your business? If so then this is the course for you.

Price TBA (Join the Waiting List)

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